Tuesday, December 11, 2007

All-Round Detoxification - RIDDANCE

RIDDANCE is a unique Chinese Medical Science Invention in the 21st Century. The combination of pure and natural Chinese herbs has produced an excellent all-round detoxification product to help maintain a healthy body.


Riddance is best used for treating all Mosquito Diseases ;
>Dengue Fever
>Dengue Haemorrhage Fever
>Foot and Mouth disease
>Japanese Encephalitis

Dengue: Also called BREAK-BONE FEVER, DANDY-FEVER, and THREE-DAY FEVER, is a disease of tropical and sub-tropical regions caused by an arbovirus (q.v.) transmitted to man by the mosquito, Aedes aegypti. It is a sudden and short infectious fever, with an incubation period of a few days, characterized mainly by swelling and pains in the joints, and by skin eruptions.
Symptoms: It usually begins suddenly with pain in a joint and fever. Next appears redness of the face, spreading later over the body, very much like the rash of measles. This itches intensely. There are also sore throat and running of the eyes, and the muscles and joint generally become very painful. These symptoms endure for about three days, and then gradually pass off leaving the person very weak. After two or three days a relapse generally takes place, very similar to the first attack. There may be a third or even a fourth relapse, and recovery from the weakness and pains in the joint is often slow, sometimes lasting over months.
Treatment: Take 2 sachets per time, 3 times a day. (Depends on Dengue patient's condition)Thereafter, 1 sachet per time, 2 times a day (for a month). DENGUE HAEMORRHAGIC FEVER is a more acute form of the disease which occurs predominantly in young children and seems to be confined largely to the indigenous population of South-east Asia.

Traditionally used for the relief of:
1. Body "heatiness"
2. Flatulence
3. Mild diarrhea
Detoxification Reactions: Once you start taking RIDDANCE, bowel movement will increase to 3-5 times or more as there is much accumulated waste in the body. The excrement will take a dark appearance and gives out a strong odor. Frequent purging similar to diarrhea may occur. This is a normal reaction during a rapid detoxification process. Once toxins are gradually cleared, the excrement assumes a more solid appearance and is brown in color. Bowel movement would also gradually return to its normal frequency.
Also good for people who suffer from the following;
>Liver ‘Heatiness’ / Heaty / Feverish
>Bloatedness / Constipation
>Bad breath / Body Odor
>Mouth Ulcer
>Giddiness / Headache
>Hair loss
>Impotence and Pre-mature Ejaculation

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