Monday, December 10, 2007

Main Ingredients of KinoTakara

1 TOURMALINE: Natural mineral stone found in Brazil bearing characteristics of ions and infrared. Helps to enhance blood circulation.
2 CHITOSAN: Obtained from the shell of crab. Contains water-soluble molecules. Known for its characteristic for keeping warm andrejuvenating.
3 WOOD VINEGAR: Made from resinous substance of beech tree, sakura tree and oak tree. Excellent for absorbing harmful waste.
4 PEARL POWDER: A form of volcanic substance. Possess anti-gravity and absorption power.
5 PURE SILICA: High quality siliceous sponge. Also possess good radical free circulation function.
6 DEXTRIN: Water soluble carbohydrate that can absorb water and to enhance the function of other ingredients.
7 GLYCOLIC ACID: Exists naturally in the stalk of sugar-cane. Used to enhance the function of other ingredients.

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