Sunday, December 9, 2007

Laundry Ball

Needs No Detergent, Good for Environment & Health
Saves Electricity, Water & Detergent
> Cleaner and Softer Fabric
> Anti-Static
> Anti-Chlorine
> Anti-Bacteria
> Eliminates Molds & Pathogenic Organisms
> Removes Unpleasant Smell
> Prevents Skin Allergy & Irritation

How does it work?
> Alkali Ceramic - maintain PH level
> Chlorine Removal Ceramic
> Antibiotc Ceramic - eliminates molds, pathogenic organisms and activates the water to increase its cleaning strength
> Negative Ion Ceramic

Washing Principles
>Powerful far-infra red rays from the Laundry ball break the water hydrogen molecules into finer cluster and activate with the water cluster. This increases its molecular motions, penetration factor and washing power of water. It also activates negative ions to soften the suface of fabric so that dirt comes off easily without any detergent.

>Keeps pH spectrum at a level similar to detergent and helps to remove oil and dirt from fabric.

>Eliminates chlorine in water, softens water surface tension and increases cleaning strength.

>Does not contain any detergent and any other chemicals. Therefore it does not cause any skin allergy or irritation to those who may be allergy or irritated by residues of detergent leaves behind in clothes after washing.

>Prevents oxidation and discoloration of fabric caused by chlorine in water, and helps to retain elasticity of fabric.

>Antibiotic effect that eliminates molds, pathogenic organism and unpleasant odours.

>With these combined functions, bleaching agents, softeners or other washing additives are not needed.


>Combination of natural ceramics. Scientifically designed to clean clothes without any detergent.

>From test results, Laundry ball is awarded an excellent record in areas of cleaning strength, decolorant strength and sterilizing power.

>Compared with normal washing process, it achieved results that are desirable, save detergent, electricity, water and time.

>Designed to serve as an excellent natural health, wellness and environmental protection product.

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