Sunday, December 9, 2007

Testimonial after using Laundry Ball

Ms. Amelia Chan,55 year old homemaker, Shah Alam
“I use the strong liquid detergent available in the market but I do not like the slimy feeling whenever I wash my clothes. I also notice that the detergent has been rough on my hands . Ever since using Energy Living Washing Ball , I only need to use 10% of the regular detergent dosage and yet my laundry is still as clean! Best of all, my hands no longer feel rough and no more slimy feeling”

Ms. Margaret Lee from Muar, Johor
“ We have tried it for about a month plus. We're pleased to report that they have lived up to our expectations pretty well . The clothes did not smell bad even without exposing them under the sun. Thumbs up! (I bet this will be one of the great selling points!) We're convinced and will continue using it! Honestly speaking, my husband and I were skeptical at first when George passed it to us. Even after I have read the brochure, I was still not keen on trying it at all. I just couldn't believe it. At last, my husband decided to give it a try. The result: When the washer finished the cycle, we carefully inspected and smelled the clothes and they were cleaned and odor free without detergent , which were so amazed and impressed! “

Mr. Tan, 38 years old, Fishmonger, Selayang Market, Kuala Lumpur
“Because of the nature of my work, my clothes have very strong fish odour. Even after washing with various brands of both normal and expensive detergents, I find that the fish odour is still present and cannot be eliminated completely. After using Energy Living Washing Ball , I find that the fish odour is gradually eliminated . After soaking my working clothes together with The Energy Home Washing Ball, the fish odour is greatly reduced and eliminated . Energy Living Washing Ball is excellent at eliminating bad odour.”

Ms. Kathy, Home Maker
“When my children have cough and cold, I find washing their handkerchiefs a real headache. Washing away the phlegm and nasal discharge is really a problem. They will stick to the fabric and won't go away! Now, to my surprise and delight , when I use Energy Living Washing Ball in my laundry, this is no longer a problem. The handkerchiefs are clean and best of all – no traces of phlegm and nasal discharge ! I am really impressed and satisfied with Energy Living Washing Ball .”

Ms. Beh, Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor
“I notice that after using Energy Living Washing Ball , my clothes do not have that stale smell even without airing them in the sun. I also notice that my clothes are softer without using any softener.”

Ms. Yap. 38 year old, Tuition Teacher.
“After giving birth to my baby boy , I was concerned that his sensitive skin could not take the harmful effects of regular washing detergent. After using Energy Living Washing Ball , I have total confidence it in. Why? Because without using any detergent in my laundry, I am sure that my baby's sensitive skin will not be affected by the harsh effects of detergent.”

Madam Siew, 62, Homemaker.
“When my grandchildren are sick especially with stomach purging and diarrhea, I will usually boil water to wash their clothes in order to kill germs and bacteria before mixing them with the rest of the laundry.
My daughter recently gave me Energy Living Washing Ball and told me that among its many benefits, it can eliminate bacteria, germs and other pathogenic organism .
I gave it a try and found that my laundry is really clean and odour free because of the absence of bacterial activity . Nowadays, I no longer go through the hassle of boiling water to wash clothes. In fact, I an now using two Energy Living Washing Balls in my washing machine so that my family can benefit from its optimum performance .

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